November? More Like YESvember, Because We Made A New Opening!


(Blake’s shoes on set. Shot by Riley Sorin. Follow him on instagram: riley_sorin)

Howdy, folks! October is gone and I am awake. To finish the spoopy month off, the 26:46 crew shot the opening for this year’s season! It was a messy one that involved a race where the two participants were hit with several projectiles that consisted of colorful liquids and such. There’s a very important element that I’ll leave for you all to find out when the first episode of Season 18 gets released. It’s a goodie! The opening was shot in Carterville, IL and directed by our very own Senior Producer, Jeff Haney! Shout out to Jeff and the rest of the staff and crew who assisted greatly in getting this real inventive and playful opening done.

This weekend, the 26:46 crew will be hosting the incredible 26:46 fest! The EPs, Julie and Andy, will be splitting up to lead their own teams to create an original ID (Skit or Sketch) within a 26 hour and 40 minute time period. I, for one, can’t wait to see what comedic goodness will come from this year’s fest. That’s all I have for you now, alt. readers. Take it easy!

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