The name(s) in parentheses denote the segment’s producer(s).

Season 15

15.01 – Beard Competition (Peter Wilkerson), Voodoo (Marcus Odom and Aaron Graff), The Thermals (Cara Gordon), Freakshow Deluxe (Jim Egan)

15.02 – Run for Your Lives (Marcus Odom), Firecracker Press (Peter Wilkerson), Flow Camp (Laura Roberts), Hair Museum (Marcus Odom), Autumn at Oz (Dallen Detamore and Jon Windish)

15.03 – Motion City Soundtrack (Marcus Odom), The 1975 (Dallen Detamore), Reign of Kindo (Nate Burgett), Capital Cities (Marcus Odom), AFI (Matt Sloan)

15.04 – Coffin Race (Marta Bender), Dragon Man (Matt Sloan)

15.05 – Icon for Hire (William Keith), Shakespeare Improv (Samantha Purcell), Mourning Museum (Marta Bender)

15.06 – North American Pizza and Ice Cream Convention (Emily Neal); Bombfire Pizza (Marta Bender), Bully (Seth Lesemann), Love at the Glove (Emily Neal), Weird Illinois (Jim Egan)

Season 14

14.01 – The Color Run (Matt Sloan), Balloon Race (Beth Radtke), Joe Mangrum (Amy Myers), Superheroes (Haley Conner)14.02 – Imagine Dragons (Haley Conner), Mac Miller (Matt Sloan), Colin Hay (Matt Sloan), AWOLNATION (Beth Radtke), Blackbird Studios (Dallen Detamore)

14.03 – Tough Mudder (John Windish), Fossil Rim (Cara Gordon), Cathedral of Junk (Haley Conner), Morgan’s Wonderland (Michael Berman)

14.04 – Paint the Town (Marta Bender)

14.05 – Matt & Kim (Cara Gordon)

14.06 – Tattoo Convention (Laura Roberts); Fire Fest (Sarah Wingate), Mueller (Marcus Odom), Meat Convention (Holden Jones)

Season 13

13.01 – Dagorhir (Dylan Damian and Katie Tullis), Quidditch (Blake Hardin), Tour de Donut (Dylan Damian, Kyle Jarvis, Zac Kolves, and Kyle Loughrin)13.02 – Those Darlins (Amy Myers), Trampled by Turtles (Amy Tomlinson), The Gordons (Robert Cox), Dillinger Escape Plan (Kyle Loughrin)

13.03 – Tinley Wish (Beth Radtke), Second Stride (Kyle Loughrin and Susie Shircliff), Day in the Life of a Whiskey Barrel (Kyle Loughrin and Jenna Tromburg), Here Come the Mummies (Susie Shircliff)

13.04 – Lemp Mansion (Haley Conner), Dance Marathon (Kyle Loughrin), Calls from Home (Susie Shircliff), Horseshoe History (Kevin Ryan)

13.05 – Jim Henson Museum (Susie Shircliff), City Museum (Marcus Odom), Moonshine (Logan Bush), Holy Smoke (Cara Gordon)


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