Season 18

Season 18 Description here
Executive Producers: Andy Phillips, Julie Johnson; Staff: Adam Deiter, Jeff Haney, Julius Jefferson, Ben Giles, Steve Greene, Kyle Keenan; Host: Hannah Cook, Lloyd Coakley

Season 17

Season 17 Description here
Executive Producers: Holden Jones, Emily Jelinek; Staff: Amber Eswani, Connor Falson, Ellen Esling, AJ Fink, Jeff Haney, Julie Johnson, Will Black, Jalen Little; Host:

Season 16

In this season of 26:46, we see field reporter Jim Egan head down to Southern Illinois for the Outdoor Historic Festival Rendezvous, Holden Jones takes a deep breath and visits Skunk Fest, and we get to see a trailer for the funky action flick, Action Guys! Get hooked on reading, beatblades, and quit cigarettes by getting hooked on Cig Newtons. Enjoy the sick vibes provided in the Distortion episode which features musical acts such as New Found Glory, This Town Needs Guns, and Doomtree! The season caps off with a screening of the original 26:46 film, Deus Ex Machina!
Executive Producers: Holden Jones, Dallen Detamore; Staff: Emily Rawden, Evan Fait, Jim Egan, Emily Jelinek, Emily Neal, Peter Wilkerson, Seth Lesemann, Wilmon Black, Amber Eswani; Host: Seth Lesemann, Jalen Little

Season 15

During this season of 26:46, we travel to to New Orleans to see big beards and Louisiana Voodoo; transform into zombies in Missouri; and visit the state of Colorado to watch an eerie race unlike any other and meet the most armed man in the west. We also try some delicious pizza in both Ohio and Iowa, visit the Museum of Mourning Photography in Chicago, and travel to the magical land of Oz. We also meet the members of The 1975, jam out with Motion City Soundtrack, rock out with AFI, and dance with Capital Cities! We end the season with a romantic comedy called Canned.
Executive Producers: Matt Sloan, Marcus Odom; Staff: Cara Gordon, Michael Berman, Marta Bender, Dallen Detamore, Andrew Haste, Holden Jones, Seth Lesemann, Laura Roberts,  Peter Wilkerson; Host: Douglas Sommer

Season 14

During this season of 26:46, we travel to Texas to visit Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first ultra-accessible family park; meet the Junk King; and explore Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve. We also meet some Real Life Superheroes in New York Cit;, get splashed with color at the Color Run in St. Louis; brave extreme obstacle course Tough Mudder; Paint the Town in Morrison, Illinois; and get inked at a Tattoo Convention in Chicago. We also feature musical guests alternative groups AWOLNATION, Matt & Kim, and Imagine Dragons, as well as rapper Mac Miller and the legendary Colin Hay of the band Men at Work. We end the season with a comedy called Watermelon Falls.
Executive Producers: Haley Conner, Cara Gordon; Staff: Marta Bender, Michael Berman, Dallen Detamore, Seth Lesemann, Katie McCall, Amy Myers, Marcus Odom, Beth Radtke, Matt Sloan; Host: Khya Elkins

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