You Forgot To Wake Me Up When September Ended And Now It’s October.


Hey there, peeps! In case you haven’t realized since the last blog post, it’s a new year! A new year also means a new Emmy nomination for 26:46 and we got that! A nomination under the Magazine Program category! As you can see above, the wonderful staff for the 18th season of 26:46 went to the 40th Anniversary Mid-America Emmys. All of them looking so fresh. Especially the guy with the cap! It was a wonderful trip getting to Branson, MO and it was a wonderful ceremony to attend. We did not get the Emmy this year, but we are still in possession of 31 Regional Emmys! That’s a pretty mighty amount, brother! The staff, especially the guy wearing the cap, are hard at work on producing more great content for this season. To guarantee that next year’s Emmy will be ours!

Watch out people who don’t wear caps, Season 18 is about to be another big one from the 26:46 crew!

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