Distortion 415 Open Photos

While you are eagerly awaiting #14.02, our Distortion 415 episode, here are some amazing photographs taken by Sarah Gardner during the production of the episode’s open. One of the photographs was even featured on the front page of the Daily Egyptian, the student-run newspaper at SIUC.    

October Update

You may be wondering what alt.news 26:46 has been up to this month thus far, and even if you haven’t, we’re going to give you a blog post about it anyway! Hooray! First, alt.news made the trip from Carbondale, Illinois, to Texas on October 6th through the 9th. While there, four alt.newsers (Cara Gordon, Michael

The Bands and the Emmys

Last weekend was a very exciting one for alt.news 26:46! We were nominated for three Mid-America Emmy awards, and thus, set off for Kansas City, Missouri, to attend the awards ceremony. Before the gala, though, a crew of three people (including our resident rapper, and producer of the shoot, Matt Sloan) interviewed and filmed famous

Five Shoots in Five Days

The fall semester has begun and it is off to a great start! September 12, 2012, marked the first of five very busy days for alt.news 26:46. On that Wednesday, a crew of three alt.news members made the trip to Nashville, Tennessee, to film and interview an electrorock band called Paper Route. The group had