26:46 is a student produced television show that features the most off-the-wall content imaginable. From skunk festivals to a man building his own castle in Colorado, 26:46 brings you all the stories from across the country that are too obscure for the 5 o’clock news. These stories along with short narratives and comedic sketches round out the show into a full 26 minutes and 46 seconds of pure alternative storytelling!

In its 17 year history, 26:46 has won national acclaim by capturing 31 Professional Regional Emmy Awards and 7 National College Television Awards; more awards than any other student produced program in the country. From students at the College of Mass Communication & Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 26:46 airs on the PBS affiliate, WSIU, reaching 1.3 million households in 5 states.

Mission Statement:

At 26:46, our content is as unique as the students who write, produce, and edit each and every one of our episodes. Our mission is to provide an outlet for students of any major to freely create content that expresses their point of view, and in the process learn the skills and techniques required of an ever-changing industry. Obviously, we are not your five o’clock news.

The average television viewer loses interest and changes the channel every four and a half minutes. constructs its shows to “change the channel” for the viewer by pacing the program to be exciting for the entire half-hour. Come on, we know TV rots the brain, in fact our motto is “kill your TV.” However interacts with the viewer using real stories, innovative presentation, and tons of eye candy to appeal to all ages.


Our alumni have gone on to work at companies such as Light Iron, College Humor, HBO, Dreamworks, and more!

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