Song of the Struggle

Song of the Struggle

A segment by former Senior Producer Adam Dieter that takes us to South Africa to explore how music serves a struggling people.

Season 19 Episode 1

Season 19 Episode 1

The premiere of Season 19!

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Banana Bandits correspondent Bryce Daly sheds some light on the local banana bandits!

Trips to Colorado and Moments in Murphysboro

(Pictured above: crew members Trevor Scholtens, Steve Greene, Blake Parham, Julius Jefferson, Ben Flaman chill out on the set of upcoming film “A Moment in Murphysboro”) Hello! So much has happened with your favorite show since our divorce. Let me catch you up. Last spring break (March 9th-16th 2017), eight crew members

Breaking the Cycle hasn’t been nominated for a Regional Emmy since season 14, but as of October 3rd, we are now at a grand total of 31 Regional Emmys won! As much fun as the partying was, we won’t be back next year if we don’t get back to work. Episode 1 is almost here, and episode

It’s October!

Just kidding, it’s September, which has been a busy month for us alt.newsers; we’ve shot segments and ID’s on crazy stuff like Popeye festivals, the many uses of flour, a spice wizard, and so much more. But don’t get bummed if you still got that film fever, because we’ve got Hostlinks this weekend! This is

Season 15 Comes to a Close

Hello dear readers! So very much has happened since the last blog post. SO. MUCH. First of all, and with your help, we successfully made it to L.A. and attended the 35th Annual College Television Awards ceremony and… WE WON. Our executive producers, Matt Sloan and Marcus Odom, accepted the award for Best Magazine Program